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   May 13

Critical Use Deadlines

EPA had formulated several guidelines in order to define the use of methyl bromide during the year 2009. Companies involved in dealing with methyl bromide, need to submit an application as early as July 10th 2006 to use methyl bromide, which is a month earlier to the previous requirements due to the early meeting of Montreal Protocol. 
Methyl bromide is an odorless, colorless gas which has been used in agricultural soil and structural fumigant to control a wide variety of pests. It poses a significant danger to the earths protective statrospheric ozone layer. Methyl bromide was increementally reduced and completely phased out on Jan 1st 2005 under the Montreal Protocol. The protocol has provisions for critical use exemptions where there are no technically feasible alternatives or substitutes available to the users. EPA provides provisions for submitting the application for group of users under similar circumstances. 

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