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   Jul 07

Viable plan for Hydrogen Fuel

The foremost question that comes to ones mind is: how the create a viable plan for Hydrogen based fuel cell? Whats needed is both, fuel cell vehicles as well as hydrogen supplies to make the plan work. National Science and Technology council headed by the President of the United States, created an Interagency working group (IWG) in order to develop low cost, high volume production of fuel cell vehicles as well as hydrogen supplies.

In the summer of 2005, the Department of Energy had organized a workshop through IWG, inviting experts from the industry and academia, representatives from car companies, universities and research laboratories to design and plan, a viable plan for the hydogen initiative. The objective of the workshop was to innovate with hydrogen based fuel technologies to the point of commercialization to

  • reduce the cost of production of fuel cell vehicle relative to the cost of current gasoline vehicles
  • creation of the infrastructure for hydrogen economy.

Challenges towards conceptialization of these ideas include:

  • Search for low-cost manufacturing materials.
  • Low-cost production methods.
  • Cost effective manufacturing while the technologies are still developing.
  • Customer requirements for hydrogen systems.
  • Size and diversity of industries.

Problem also relates to sufficient amount of storage capacity in order to drive upto 300miles.

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