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   Dec 22


Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is an epidemic truly in this developed world. It has reported that 346 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes. These figures will double up-to 2030. Such is a grave situation and about 4 million people are dying because of the complications of diabetes.
Diabetes is caused due improper functioning of the pancreas which produces insulin, a hormone that regulates the blood sugar level. Blood sugar goes unchecked resulting in hyperglycemia. There are two types of diabetes, broadly, type1 because of the deficient insulin production and requires daily insulin supplementation.
Type 2 diabetes is because the body’s unresponsiveness to the insulin. This is the most common type after the age of 40 years. The main risk factors are obesity, increased cholesterol level, stress, reduced physical activity, smoking and alcoholism, diet rich in fatty substances.
Common symptoms are increased thrust, hunger and increased urination, weight loss, vision changes and fatigue, delayed healing of the wounds and abscess and the numbness of hands and feet. These are the warning symptoms which are to be considered seriously and reported to the doctor.
Usual but dangerous complications of the diabetes are neuropathy, nephropathy cardiovascular diseases and the retinopathy. Thus involving nerves, kidney, heart and eyes which can result in the numbness of hands and feet, oliguria, renal failure heart failure, heart attack and progressive loss of vision. Hence the diabetic person should be monitored regularly and blood sugar should be checked at definite intervals.

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