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   Jan 01

Is it a Nation of Goons?

It’s been almost three years since, I landed in India. Having spent nearly 7.5 years continuously, without coming back to India, I think its time to share some experiences. After coming back I had several ideas but unfortunately they were for the public sector units in India. I knocked nearly every department, at the Mantralaya along with my ideas. By the end of 2011, I realized, that nothing is going to happen until the politicians and the officers gain personally from the projects.  Having an idea for the public sector units is a waste of time in India. I regret for not working on my personal ideas in the private sector units.
India presents a very unique demographics in terms of the educated etc.  The title for the blog comes from what me and my Dad have experienced in India. My Dad now 68, owns property in Ballarpur a small town near Chandrapur with very rich mineral resources. Me and my brother had been raised with little knowledge, about our inheritance probably a step taken in parenting to prevent us from being overtly reliant. I came to know this month, that my  father had fought for 15 years, in the High Court for the property.  The High Court  Judgement was in  drawn in favor of my Dad. The case went through nearly 2 appeals. The property measuring 6720 sq. ft was won in an auction by my Dad and Grandfather. However, the auctioneer disputed that the property was only 5000 sq. ft. The final judgement was drawn in favor of my Dad upon verification of all the facts.

This is to address how a retired Professor almost 70 is harassed in India. The adjoining construction activity encroaches on our property. My brother approached, the Police and the local body to stop the encroachment. However, the complaint letter was not even accepted in spite of the Honorable High Courts order. He was told that since, it is a Civil Matter, Police cannot interfere. In spite of us drafting request after request,  no vital actions have been taken by the authorities. The contractor who encroaches our property sits on the town planning board of the local body at Ballarpur. It is quite evident about the vested interests of the contractor as well as the authorities who are supposed to enforce the law. It has become a long practice, to take away from the rich and give it to the poor.  There was only one politician Balasaheb Thackeray with enough courage to oppose this policy, openly. I’m certainly not calling myself rich, but yes my grandfather achieved a lot during his time. An intellectual so aware that, he would draft his own petitions during the 40s and 60s period. My grandfather was a person, who not only started his company in the 40s but he took it to new levels. He could speak in 11 languages, his company known in more than 7 different states across India. During that time he owned thousands of acres of land. As narrated by my grandpa, that, they would go out for business tours along with the timber by river all the way upto south India (Rajamundry). That time all the work was done with elephants. At that time he could own a Ford, car all because of him and his brothers hardwork.

Personally after coming to know about the property, I had several other ideas which I could not implement. Having worked on several real estate developments while in the US like the Lake Nona project, where Tiger Woods plays golf to Maronda Homes to Disney’s park development, I wanted to do something different.

Today his Son, My Dad, is being troubled over the very same question that has already been resolved by the Honorable High Courts Judgement nearly 25 years back. Everything has been pre-planned, by the contractor. Today after returning nearly 3 years later, retrospecting, on the law and order situation in India, I have no words. Talking about the Delhi gangrape case, the inabilities of he administration to enforce the laws is highlighted. It’s kind of clear that our judiciary system is highly contaminated with political influences. Is a politicized judiciary good for the nation? Where are we as Indians heading? After seeing the plight of the lady in the Delhi gang-rape case, I really feel ashamed to be an Indian. Such perversions are really taking toll on our society as a whole.

Several incidents have happened in the nation, other than these incidents and which is why I had to come up with, the topic of this blog. This is also to inform several individuals and companies who wish to invest in India. Think before you invest your hard earned money in India specially in the real estate sector. You are dealing with a lot of criminals to be specific.


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