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   Aug 01

Transforming Healthcare

In spite of the advances in the Healthcare sector, there is tremendous scope for improving. There are several instances where healthcare data might present perplexing results to the best scientists. A set of drugs might work on a given instance but might fail in another based on similar symptoms & conditions of patient. Understanding the human body and the interactions within is therefore a challenging task.

BigData Analysis in Healthcare

There are as well numerous sources of data that needs to be analysed. Sometimes answering how it happens! leads to more curiosity in inquisitive minds. The data sources may range from Pharma, Genomics, clinical tests, non-clinical tests to patient history as mentioned in the figure above. In order to eliminate all the contradicting possibilities and pin point the cause its important than ever before to collaborate with other experts in the sector. These experts could be doctors, med scientists etc. Analysis through BigData computing can help these experts find the missing links in improving healthcare. Real time BigData would help in operating under extreme tolerance to exactly point out the missing factors responsible in complex multiple disease forms. The role of BigData in improving Oncological outcomes via data analysis raises several hopes. The possibilities would also help in improving healthcare systems through smarter monitoring & response approaches.
Based on the understanding of the experts from Healthcare sector this data & their inputs would smarten machines & monitoring systems. We are in the process of developing such decision support systems. Smarter Algorithms would be needed for further advancements in healthcare sector.

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