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   Dec 11

Real Origin of GROFERS

BACKGROUND Wanted to share the real story behind the name “Grofers”. How it was coined Any guesses! Story goes back to while I was at California just after graduating from University of Central Florida. While at UCF, I had been friends with a few IITians namely Albinder Dhindsa (Albi), Kamal Goyal, Anurag Pandey, Piyush Nawathe, […]

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   Jan 01

Is it a Nation of Goons?

It’s been almost three years since, I landed in India. Having spent nearly 7.5 years continuously, without coming back to India, I think its time to share some experiences. After coming back I had several ideas but unfortunately they were for the public sector units in India. I knocked nearly every department, at the Mantralaya along with my […]

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   Dec 10

Plagiarism in India

Today, I was shocked by the degree of duplicating material, being published in engineering journals. My Dad has been working on his PhD. He had worked tirelessly towards his PhD. The study required, tremendous amount of effort. Briefly his work was on “treatment of leachate by recirculating through various materials”. Nearly, 250 days of influent […]

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   May 01

Reviewing Vidharbha’s needs

It’s been an ongoing thought on my mind, after experiencing the problems of an Entrepreneur from Vidharbha. Well, these thoughts are the outcome of our experiences with the State Government of Maharashtra. I’m not pointing out to any political party etc. But, the hardships encountered in dealing with the Government of Maharashtra are totally different. […]

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   Apr 06

Inside Recruiting and consulting Practices

US based recruiting practices.

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