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   Sep 14

Net Sniffing

It’s been a while since, I got a chance to make a post. One of the primary reasons that we had to shift focus was on intrusion detection. What was really shocking was attempts by government agencies to sniff on our VPN systems. Real time intrusion detection systems helped us log every attempt into our […]

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   Jul 22

Cloud Stack for Spatial Data at Equinox Logic

Equinox Logic is coming up with its own spatial cloud stack based on open source for providing large amount of spatial data solutions to its clients. We have updated nearly 30 linux based virtual machines in order to serve our data on the web. The cluster would significantly enhance our capabilities in serving the data […]

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   Feb 11

Firewall Analysis

Good parts about linux security. Did a security vulnerablility scan on our systems and found some attempts by Google, Facebook and BSNL.

I bet lot of people might have faced similar attempts.

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