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   May 10

CO2 Emissions from India

As a part of a model development for climate change and effects of pollution from India, I had collected substantial amount of data from NASA etc. Prior to collecting the emissions data, I had also collected the temperature data over india, as well as the geo-hydrology over the region. Part of the data collection process was to gather, the source information and the inventory of the emissions.


Part of the process is also identifying the point and mobile sources if any contributing to the emissions. It is interesting to observe that the emissions between 2006-2007 increased drastically, but the emissions between 2007-2008 increased much more sharply in comparison with the previous years.

   May 01

Reviewing Vidharbha’s needs

It’s been an ongoing thought on my mind, after experiencing the problems of an Entrepreneur from Vidharbha. Well, these thoughts are the outcome of our experiences with the State Government of Maharashtra. I’m not pointing out to any political party etc. But, the hardships encountered in dealing with the Government of Maharashtra are totally different. We had made a proposal to the State Government with regards to the risk reduction methodologies and strategies that could be adopted by far benefiting the citizens as well as the Government. It’s been more than 3months that we heard back from the State Government. Not a positive or a negative reply. The objective still lingers, we still wonder if the State Government is interested.
We decided to drop a similar letter to the State of Gujarat. I was completely awestruck to hear back from the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s office of Gujrat, Shri Narendra Modi wihin 3days. Honestly this is surprisingly fast to the State of Maharashtra, and even matches to the US standards. We spent more than $5,000 (Rs.3,00,000) in visting the Mantralaya all the way from Nagpur within a period of 3months often completing the submission requirements by officials working overnight without pay or expectations of conceiving of the project. We still wonder, and ask ourselves if doing business with the State Government is a good idea. These visits costed our company dearly and definitely gave us a serious setup as a startup. Often visting Mumbai, meant staying near the Mantralaya which is at par with staying around NY suburbs on a day to day basis.
As an Entrepreneur often a thought comes, on lot of aspects, mainly time. Also, a thought comes to mind, what does Vidharbha lack as a perfect destination for business. We have a perfect platform, for business and talent. More than 500 quality engineers graduate every year from this region. Chandrapur, provides electricity not just to Mumbai but upto Rajasthan. There is ample of water, and greenery in Vidharbha. Ample of Mineral resources exist in the region. The question however, lies why is it not being promoted to its potentials. Mumbai, has come to a saturation point in terms of space. It’s no longer sustainable for new businesses to operate in Mumbai space being a problem.
Given these facts, I still wonder why do we have to go to Mumbai? The problems that Mumbai has is totally different from Vidharbha. The needs of Vidharbha are different. I think it’s high time that leaders from Vidharbha give a thought for separate State of Vidharbha. We have the best of the talent and resources and the ability to sustain and surpass other states. Vidharbha has been ignored long enough and it needs to stop right away. I remember coming back to Nagpur after nearly 8 years in US. Nothing seemed to have changed in Vidharbha. We need leaders who would care for Vidharbha.

   Apr 06

Inside Recruiting and consulting Practices

This is one of the most interesting and mind boggling practices in the US based job market. One of the reasons I had also wanted to mention about these unethical practices is that, there are few who get hurt financially in the long run without even knowing about it. Let’s say you have developed something all by yourself, you have an excellent profile. But, let’s say there is a fictitious opening for which a recruiter contacts you. You might have worked on something recently but, the skill is not one of your strong points. Because of the job market and everything you decide to give it a try. Do you even know why the recruiter contacted you in the first place? Noah !! simply to hire you right. I came to know this from lot of colleagues and senior managers in the industry. First of all, let me give you the facts, a above average guy with all the basic skill set like a DBA, Modeler knows the ins and outs of programming and development. He knows, the front end and the backend very well, I’m referring to someone a bit below an Software Engineer cum Architect. The thing is that, with various tools in the market almost all of the enterprise tasks can be done by, a handful of guys. How many people were involved with facebook? But, why has the recruiter contacted you lets get back to the question?  Well, did you ever think that, Is there a real opening? Maybe, if few extremely senior persons are retiring. With the job market as it is during the 2008 recession to now with another bubble coming up for the Option ARM payment defaults. More worse is about to follow. Every American owes about $30,000 in debt because of the recession.  Economy matters, it directly affects your job possibilities hence, it is important to understand the economical aspects.
Now probably someone would be able to understand and correlate to what is happening during recruitment. Here is when it gets messier. Let’s say you get a call from a recruiter for a modeling project. Some guy with a PhD might have spent about 4 years writing about 13,000 lines of complex code, with more than a million records and few hundred tables. This guy gets a better opportunity moves on working for another company. There are few other guys who wish to progress up the ladder and would do anything to get there, because of the economy. One has to take a lead, let’s say the next senior person takes charge who was close to the other person who left or was the mastermind. Here is the thing you would be expected to handle and take charge of the project within a 3months period. Wow, 3months is long enough, it’s only about 24 days a month. Working as a consultant, there is hardly any time for laziness etc. Do you think that you would be able to fix 13,000 lines in 75 days. Yes you can, probably if you get all the access to the database servers within 20 days. But, still you are heading on an edge to edge basis. There is no room for error, so chill and take it seriously as much as you can.
With the recession in hand the companies budget is also constrained. They also expect a peak performance from a couple of guys instead of a handful. There is already a sword hanging on another guy. So now, before even you get in others know who to eliminate. Do you think they are going to sacrifice their long term relations for a new guy? Noah…right. So now the juggle starts. Let’s say you start working on a module. Do you know why a file gets changed and gives you the same error everytime you fix it? 10days have already passed by the time you know it what is happening. Yeah, the other desperate team members are already replacing your files with the unfixed ones. Now a days with sophisticated tools a time stamp on your file can even be replaced. But, if you know digital forensics, you can figure out all this. How much time do you have in hand though, where are the energies going to to concentrated. Well, if you are from a different domain, the management is going to believe whom you already know. These are the SCAPEGOAT practices existing in the recruitment sector. I shall throw more light on the darker practices of recruitment.

   Mar 21

Climate change and GHG’s

Coming back from the US, I was extremely excited to gather, environmental data and apply this data to micro-scale models integrated to Macro scale models. However, I never came across the right opportunities. I did start up my own company with a vision to do the same. Having developed numerous Air Quality Models, I was really excited in developing such tools. Well, for now, there are several tools available by NASA and several universities but, there is room for more development. One of the good parts about my stay in the United States was that, of experiencing numerous, changes in the climate.
The hurricanes, in Florida especially, Jean, Charlie, Dennis, Katrina etc. Understanding and discussing these, changes with renowned Professors helped us model, the changes. One of the most ignored areas of Environmental Engineering is Air Quality Modeling and Control. In the United States at least funding is available to collect the data develop models and study. The situation is worse in India. I remember, the need for Air Quality modeling in the United States while working on the City of Orlando model. We had evaluated GHG’s from mobile sources. The data collection and the efficacy with which the accurate data was collected was extremely good. I highly respect my Adviser Dr. Cooper who’s book is referred in nearly 20 top Universities as well as, a significant contributor to Air Quality Control Engineering. Water, yes is an important resource, but Air, is equally important as well. Why is it ignored everywhere? I’m not sure if India foresees how challenging, it would be to control the Air Quality in the near future. One of the things I wanted to do was to download the satelite data for the entire India and observe the changes. Recently, based on the observed changes and real time data integration, I’m in the process of developing a model which could be very well applicable to India.
Well, I did not clarify on the what is causing to the numerous natural disasters occuring because of climate changes. Well, the obvious reason is the GHG’s contributions to the problem directly by elevating the temperatures.
This year Mumbai, even experienced a severe storms, nothing experienced so far in the last two decades. I had been to Mumbai, Pune cities which have expanded at a drastic rate, as compared to other cities. Well, everyone has an eye on the developmental aspects but very few care about the environmental aspects. I had a chance to pull up my camera record the pollution from industries. I could not find a single spot across the rivers, lakes, which was clean enough to enjoy.
This year even Nagpur, experienced extremely long winters, to extremely unusual temperature changes. Even the weather pattern seems to be off. Well, it seems like an initiative needs to be taken, to implementing drastic control practices in order to control the pollution. But, however, in India the problem seem to be totally different.
The only component everyone talks about in India is planting more trees. I hardly see them talk about, inventories. The point being that, quantification, is necessary steps towards policy formulating. If environmental policies are not based on quantified accurate data what’s the point in formulating an inaccurate policy.

   Mar 15

Education Bubble

I had always wanted to share my experience in Universities, Engineering as well as IT sector work in the US . Well, I had mentioned about myself doing a PhD at the same time mentioned about, Going to college or not? Interestingly, both were contradicting views. What I had wanted to mention is that, if you invest in higher education, you eventually become a part of the vicious cycle, you would have to build the right portfolio in order to project yourself.  But’s lets say you already have more than $100,000 is it wise enough to go to college? If you take the most conservative approach and invest in the safest bonds etc. you would be making more than what your degree would offer you after graduating. This thought is very much necessary for the younger generation as we call it the GenNext. Well, I came across another article which could be a part of the pertinent danger hanging around. It’s just another bubble waiting to burst, –the education bubble.

The article touches most of the pertinent issues but, hardly touches a few important ones. What’s the bottom line for college loans to be paid off? Where are the college jobs going? Ain’t the living expenses being taken away? Well, there goes a lot of thinking and the inter-dependancies.

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