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   Mar 10

US Immigration Economic Recovery and Immigration Flaws…

I had been working on quite a few ideas and it had been really difficult to write a blog lately. Well, here come few thoughts and points I had noted from my experiences in the US. This is back in 2006-2007. Right after graduating from college, I was lucky enough to find opportunities in the Industry. I had an opportunity to pursue my PhD in Environmental Engineering, but, had to drop it in order to pay bills from college. Well, you couldn’t be going to school all your life. Well, I still regret, turning my back on it. If you have a vibrant and a dynamic personality, if you love interacting with highly intellectual people, if you are curious it’s the right thing to do.
Well, the main reason, I had been wanting write is about the situation in the US during the recession, which we inherently are still in. The recession has taught several, things globally. The interdependencies between various economies were also clearly evident. The recession put a great deal of stress on the American Citizens as well as immigrants. It did put a lot of stress on the businesses. I had been reading a few articles and they were quite an eye opener:
  1. US Economy will never recover
  2. Housing Market Collapse
During the 2004-2006 housing market boom, the economy was growing at a crazy rate. Later, however, the housing collapse from late 2006 to 2010 was the craziest period in the US. Everyone, knows what mistakes were made, by banks to lending institutions etc. Everyone heard stories of numerous scandals, like the Bernie Madoff ponzie scheme, Banks were calling the cards on foreclosures. Infact, some of the houses were being utilized as, party places by the same lending institutions, in FL etc. Everyone, was looking for another miracle by the garage(I mean innovation another Apple, Microsoft etc.). There were only a few companies performing, extremely well, ofcourse Apple was one of them. The promises the industry presented, were very few.
I shall write more about the immigration stress, business stress etc. The interesting thing is how recession, shaped a new breed of identity stealer’s across the US. Several people had borrowed loans, which they could not pay, now they were looking for ways to escape. Right from what happens at immigration centres, the secrecy, US Immigration system works, and how this promotes, identity thefts etc. would be highlighted in the next blog. How autocratic power is rested onto companies sponsoring VISA’s who in turn promote identity thefts would also be my focus? I had been mentioning about these flaws in the US Immigration system for a while now, but there haven’t been any changes so far. It is a big divide and distributed politically and left out by politicians for the sake of, vote banks.

   Mar 05

Darker side US work life part 2

As mentioned earlier, I had been wanting write this article about the difficult side of work life in the US. As a non- immigrant(alien –this lingo you will get used to after applying for VISA’s numerous times), things are not easy as they seem to be. Specially for candidates who secured, a US Master’s/PhD things are more complicated. You would kinda appreciated amongst the US citizens but, yeah kinda still, at first sight you are a regular asian (don’t pull up the urb dict yet). So as a non-immigrant your first priority is to secure, a work VISA. So, now employers have even more bargaining power, they are sponsoring you, and you seem to have accomplished the world, without even gazing at your pocket. The time you realize, that $50,000 trickles down to what(eventually you will know) it’s too late.
Wait you did not account for, taxes, medicare, ssn, car insurance(don’t forget you are asian you gotta pay higher) etc. You recieve your first cheque, you now start thinking what not? It’s still too early to move in to a single bedroom apartment, but yeah you are now tired of sharing bills.
The bottom line is that, the only time you would be able to live happily in the US is when you make more than $6000.00 a month, which amounts to above the $100,00.00 mark which means more taxes. Else, you may opt for squeezing in with more than 6 roommates (yeah feels like you are staying in a dorm now except with few more probs) which is when you would be able to make ends meet. The question is how long you would opt for this kind of life? However, you gotta know, that the recruiters who hired you, basically extract an hourly commission on you. These blood sucking parasites, although enjoy, a high life, since, they are the smart ones, who hire thousands like you and earn a commission. You would be crazed by your situation, but there is nothing you can do about it.
Well there were some interesting articles that, help you decide on whether to go for college or not at all
Think not for yourself, but towards your parents hard earned money. This is just a summary from my diary, but there are several aspects, that one should keep in mind while opting for the life in US. It’s none who would come to your help, except your family, and your savings.
In the next article, I shall focus more on the interdependencies, immigration attitude, greencard scams, also on ill-legal recruiting practices in the industry etc.

   Feb 18

US perspectives work life part 1

I had been contemplating on writing my experiences on the US work life. The work life is a test to your efforts and dedication towards your studies during the Master’s program. Well, at this juncture I’m relating to those who, go to the US for their Master’s / PhD studies. Those who secure a OPT, are mostly able to secure a full time employment and VISA sponsorship. For those who do secure an OPT, find it difficult to complete their dissertations because of the work load. For those who are unable to do so, the road is difficult but, if lucky can easily secure full time employment.

The most difficult part, is the time to search for relvant jobs.  Specialization now limits the opportunities available to you. Often, you would have to reach on time to the interviews etc., don’t forget the help from friends who help you drop in time etc. You have learn all the tools of the trade ranging from high level, programming to field jobs. Coming from Civil and Environmental Engineering background, I had to consistently, learn and upgrade my technology skill sets. You would be thankful to the coursework the infrastructure at the US universities, which provided you, not only the basics but advanced solutions and applications in your domain. Well, if you have technology skills, good, keep in touch with them some point they will be required. The best part is that, you would be consistently requiring these skills during your studies in the US. These skills help one further add to the existing knowledge, expedite processes, in your domain and thus, make advances to your domain.

One thing for sure, one might experience more adversity as compared to one’s student life. One has to be constantly on his toes, keep on upgrading one’s self in your domain as well as technology. The dreams one has always cherished for seem to be impossible. If you are not in New York or San Francisco, you would be stuck to purchasing a car. It’s one thing you ought to have, in order to reach at work on time, in best words, manage time. That becomes your space, with time. At work you would be constantly, trying to move from a cubicle life, to something upscale. Like in school (I mean US school) you would be tested at each moment, it’s a surprise test all the time. Working on civil engineering projects, in field presents a different challenge altogether. You should be able to communicate effectively right from workers, senior engineers, surveyors etc. At first, it’s very difficult knowing the native American Culture, helps a lot if you had a few American friends too while you went to school This is what most people purely in the IT sector lack.

Well this might seem to be the good side, but the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. I shall touch on the other side in the next blog.

   Feb 14

Climate Change and Tipping Point

Climate change and the reasons for climate change have long been debated. However, the scientific community at large asserts that, climate change has resulted partly from human activities causing increase in gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, most significantly, CO2.  . There have been several efforts by the international community to reduce GHG emissions. In the US several states have implemented the cap-and-trade program, independent of the federal government.

What exactly is climate change? Is it just a theoretical concept or a phenomenon? Climate Change is not a phenomenon that will impact us many decades from now. It is a very well established scientific fact, that is already in play in different parts of the world. Modelers have been predicting, changes that have occurred. However, the actual changes, have been happening faster than what has been predicted, which is a concern for the scientific community.

These changes, are occurring rapidly and the effects of climate change could be permanent. The effects of these changes cannot be reversed even if the GHG emissions are substantially reduced. Tipping point is the term used in describing, this junction or phase where the effects of climate change may be irreversible.

   Feb 11

Firewall Analysis

I was performing anlaysis on the firewalls of our systems. It was surprising to find some attempts by Facebook, Google and BSNL to redirect certain packets. Right now we would be conducting a full system security audit and file integrity checks. Here are some samples of the attempts. I had to hide some of our IP addresses and MAC information for privacy and confidentiality.
  1. Feb  9 09:33:27 ***** kernel: [ 1507.295197] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth1 OUT= MAC=********************* SRC= DST= LEN=404 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x20 TTL=81 ID=23037 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=80 DPT=***81 WINDOW=32 RES=0x00 ACK PSH URGP=0  FACEBOOK ATTEMPT
  2. Feb  8 21:36:24 ******* kernel: [77461.463701] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth1 OUT= MAC=************************* SRC= DST= LEN=88 TOS=0x00 PREC=0xC0 TTL=64 ID=52814 PROTO=ICMP TYPE=3 CODE=0 [SRC= DST= LEN=60 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=22780 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=***** DPT=53 LEN=40 BSNL ATTEMPT
  3. Feb  8 05:43:26 ****** kernel: [34913.817435] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth1 OUT= MAC=************************* SRC= DST= LEN=104 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x20 TTL=54 ID=64025 PROTO=TCP SPT=443 DPT=****** WINDOW=282 RES=0x00 ACK PSH URGP=0 GOOGLE Attempt
Based on the above analysis all attempts have gone through the acknowledgement handshake, which is basically a three way packet verification process. All of the firewall rules, are set to block any connection attempts from the outside. Let’s say the connection was initiated by the user to google or Facebook. Some of the applications from these websites are attempting to use the same acknowledgement, and push other packets. I’m mainly worried about the TCP protocol attempts. The probability is someone sniffing across our domains. Oh well, How did I know it was BSNL or google or Facebook, any IT professional can easily tell from the whois database, after verification if the packets have been spoofed or not.
We need to revisit our firewall and security on all of our systems.
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