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   Mar 21

Climate change and GHG’s

The effect of GHG’s on the Air Quality in India cannot just be ignored. Recent, severe storms in Mumbai, are an indication of drastic climate changes to follow. The prolonged winters in India, were also a clear indication. The unusual changes in temperature are another factor towards climate change.

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   Feb 14

Climate Change and Tipping Point

Climate change and the reasons for climate change have long been debated. However, the scientific community at large asserts that, climate change has resulted partly from human activities causing increase in gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, most significantly, CO2.  . There have been several efforts by the international community to reduce GHG emissions. […]

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   Dec 14

Carbon Neutral Hospitals

To fight the climate change mainly the effect of green house gases on the environment, every building including the hospitals should be made carbon neutral hospitals. Ideally hospitals are supposed to acquire carbon-neutral or carbon-nega¬tive, zero-waste, water-balanced, toxic-free built environment, Strategies include tropical gardens, a rainwater harvesting system, recycled water for irrigation, solar water heaters, […]

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