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   Jun 28

Spatial Analysis- Maximum Temperature Across India

I had been involved in understanding the spatial climatic changes that have occurred over the past century over India. The problem however, is the availability of the data. It is hard to find data in some parts of India. For eg: the data for the maximum temperature changes that have occurred over the past century, […]

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   May 10

CO2 Emissions from India

As a part of a model development for climate change and effects of pollution from India, I had collected substantial amount of data from NASA etc. Prior to collecting the emissions data, I had also collected the temperature data over india, as well as the geo-hydrology over the region. Part of the data collection process […]

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   Mar 21

Climate change and GHG’s

The effect of GHG’s on the Air Quality in India cannot just be ignored. Recent, severe storms in Mumbai, are an indication of drastic climate changes to follow. The prolonged winters in India, were also a clear indication. The unusual changes in temperature are another factor towards climate change.

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   Jul 25

Discharge as per High Court

Discharge definition as per high court. A litigation helps define discharge. Important for Environmental Litigators.

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