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   Aug 01

Transforming Healthcare

In spite of the advances in the Healthcare sector, there is tremendous scope for improving. There are several instances where healthcare data might present perplexing results to the best scientists. A set of drugs might work on a given instance but might fail in another based on similar symptoms & conditions of patient. Understanding the […]

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   Jan 13


India uptil now shared place with four countries for polio i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria. But it is full one year since last case of polio has been found. Last case was reported on 13th January 2011 in West Bengal. A great milestone has been achieved.12 MONTHS FREE OF POLIO. While the other countries still reporting […]

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   Dec 14


In 2011 most of the India is on the verge of eradication for polio, and only polio endemic areas are found in UP and Bihar. The only case of Wild Poliovirus of this year was found in the West Bengal in January. This is good news for us, whatever activities for eradication are going on […]

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